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I'm Joe Giunta

After growing up very poor and struggling financially for most of my entire life, I was ready to make real change. Once I got married and had children, real-life hit me and I realized it was time for something new. I worked many jobs and tried to find success, but always knew there was something more out there. In 2014, I was introduced to the Forex Market. I studied diligently, and experienced life-changing financial freedom for the first time in my life.

Now I use my own personal struggle, skillset, and success to help people just like you to find their path to financial freedom. I’ll show you how to trade like the banks; and teach you how to use simple trading techniques to master the world's largest financial market. These are the same strategies that changed my life; now I will share them with you!

With over 5 trillion dollars per day being moved through the foreign exchange, let's set you up to get a piece of that pie. 


Fast Track your journey toward financial freedom. It's time to take your trading skillset to the next level with TGP; the leading educational platform in the forex industry. Beginner to advanced courses, LIVE Classes, and much more.

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- Over 90+ Dynamic Educational Trading Courses
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- LIVE Class Every Week
- Downloadable Content for Learning On-The-Go
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Forex Education Testimonials

What Are People Saying?

I want to thank Joe and TGP for all the sincere training. I am officially making withdrawals from my account and not deposits. All thanks to my mentor.

- Terrance W.

Finally, I’ve learned to trust my own analysis. I thank my amazing mentor that I have the skill to do my own setups, but without you where would I be?

- Tina W.

Joe, we are killing it. Everything you taught me is adding so much value to my life. Thanks a lot, Bro. God bless you!

- Mayur S.

So a big thank you to Joe and the TGP family for being here for us! The Gap series added a big gun to my arsenal! I'm seeing gaps and them being filled everywhere. it's like I once was blind but now I see!!! Thank you Joe for looking out for us for giving us the weapons we need to succeed!

- Edward D.

Big Shoutout to Joe from yesterday trade on AJ, I appreciate you! 70 pips I caught on that move! God bless! More motivation for me to keep going and learn for myself how to catch moves like that.

- Jared W.

TGP community has taken my trading to a new level. I've been trading for a while and the missing piece was this community . I'm so grateful. The new indicator mixed with the courses and live classes are priceless.

- Melissa A.

I have been getting so much value since I joined this group. While I am not new to trading, it's nice to be in a group that I feel comfortable and honest with proof of helping people. I don't mind paying for education when I am getting educated.

- Michelle T.

spot on Joe👍💪 Your signals are on point!

- John N.

I think one of the most beneficial courses was the beginner candlestick reading class you put in TGP. That has really helped me tremendously. Thank you. The way you teach makes it easy for people to understand. Joe, you are a great teacher! I'm glad I joined TGP.

- Daniel A.

Joe I would like to just say thank you for the mentorship. Really helped me so much. To actually be able to ask you questions and get a personal response in real time. I feel like my trading has gone to another level. Feeling much more confident in my analysis and actually then taking the trade. God bless!

- Joseph A.

2 trades (2 wins) This week! 🏆 The rest of the week has been study time for me. The best part of this week was not the winning, it was how much more I learned this week from those TGP courses and class. 🤯 I love how convenient TGP makes it to keep up the grind!

- DA

This is the most comprehensive site I have ever encountered. I have joined up with many places to learn how to trade in the market. None of them has ever given the level of education I am getting from Trade and Get Paid. This is an honest and upfront group who I would trust with all my trading assets.

- Barbara H.

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What TGP Offers


Take control of your financial future with these comprehensive courses and dynamic trading tools. It's time to take you trading to a whole new level. 

Trading Courses

TGP Trading Courses are where you can find HOURS of content on various trading topics. These classes range from beginner to advanced, and will take you through lots of different angles of Forex Trading. Over 90+ courses!


Downloadable Content

These resources range from books to cheat sheets, trade plans to mindset materials. We recommend that you read, study, and utilize all of the content available. 


Trade Setups

TGP Trade Setups is where you can find the mark ups, analysis, and executions of the TGP educators. You will be able to follow along as they take trades, and utilize their knowledge for your education and experience. Trade like a pro with our trade setups. 


Live Classroom

TGP Live Classes offer you the industry's top educators in a classroom setting. You will learn top notch strategies, live market analysis, and various trading principles that will take your forex skillset to a whole new level. 

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